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Filk Hall of Fame 2016
The 2016 inducties - Eli Goldberg and Mark Bernstein

Filk Hall of Fame 2015
The 2015 inductees for the Filk Hall of Fame are:

Kay Shapero
Nick Smith
Steven Joel Zeve

And we're off!
Saturday we had the first official Concom meeting for next year's FilKONtario 22. We spent about three hours reviewing details of the last convention, getting organized for next year's convention, and discussing the options for future guests. That was a lively discussion with many "Oh, yes, I'd love to have so and so". I wish you would all just move to Toronto so we could see more of you! The day ended with order-in food, and a bit of music, and some happy conversation and laughter.
I will be updating the web site over the next month or so. When I'm done we can all play "Spot the mistakes".

Mark your calendars now for FilKONtario 22, April 20 - 22, 2012!